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Prize Draw Competition

Win £200,000 with a £2 ticket

Win up to £1,000,000 for a Bigger Property with a Bigger Ticket

What Could I Win?

Up to £1,000,000 to spend on ANY UK property of your choice. The one you are in. The one next door. The one across town. Get on the property ladder. Buy a bigger house. Pay down your existing mortgage. Start your own property portfolio. Buy a property for someone you love… Quite simply… The choice is yours!

Your odds of Winning Property Lotto are just 150,000 to 1

This means you are 300 times more likely to win £1,000,000 with us rather than from entering one specific well known UK weekly draw. Give us a try!

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About The Prize Draw
Buy Tickets or Enter

Your Odds of winning the National Lottery Jackpot are 1 in 45,057,474
Your Odds of winning a Property Lotto Prize Draw are 1 in 150,000

50% of net ticket sales are placed in the Property Lotto Community Trust and made available as grants to UK based Charities & Organisations.
This is the Largest percentage of Ticket Sales gifted in the UK.