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Your Very Own Prize Draw

Welcome to your personalised Charity or Organisation Prize Draw Page operated by Property Lotto.

You now have the opportunity to offer your charity members and supporters the chance to Win-A-Property anywhere in the UK of their choosing or pay down their existing mortgage up to the value of £1,000,000 whilst still supporting your cause.

A prize which may have previously been out of reach for you.

All of us at Property Lotto are very pleased to be supporting your cause.

In this text box we can add any news and/or details about your charity, your logo at the bottom [currently set to ours], and a WebLink back to your Charity Website, even back to the page where you have mentioned us.

Property Lotto does not charge any direct administration fee to you for running a Draw on your behalf. However in the true spirit of reciprocity we do require that our logo along with your personalised url weblink [which we will create for you] is placed on your website.

Also to bring about additional awareness for you, if you currently print a newsletter or send emails to your followers, donors and members, it's a great idea to email the link to them, or run a small article or advert in order to direct them to your Personal Charity Prize Draw Page.

Your personalised link will look like:


One question we have been asked is:
So what's in it for me, the charity and my donor?

Firstly you will be a market leader in your charity niche by offering anyone who is thinking of donating to you the opportunity to Win a Property or £1,000,000 towards a property. This is a great Prize to Offer.

With average UK donations being around £10 per donor, this would buy 5 tickets. Property Lotto odds per Draw are set to just 150,000 to 1, so any member buying 5 tickets has a personal chance of winning of just 30,000 to 1 which is 1500 times more likely than their chance and odds of winning say, the National Lottery jackpot - which is currently 45,057,474 to 1.


The winner will receive their full Prize Draw  Win [£200k, £500k or £1m] plus an additional £2500 to donate to their own chosen charity, we would hope that's yours but just in case, Property Lotto will also support you with a direct donation of £2500.


You can also receive up to £37,500 for every full draw you complete based on pro-rata ticket sales = 25p per ticket sold up to the maximum per draw of 150,000.

You also have an opportunity to Apply for a Grant [upto £25,000] through our Community Trust.


This means for every draw you run where you complete a full 150,000 ticket sales, you have the opportunity to receive up to £67,500 = £2500 x 2 + £37,500 + £25,000

Remember, once one draw closes with all tickets sold, we can create another for you immediately, so you could be offering your members the opportunity to Win-A-Property every single month!

We know from our experience in Prize Draws, people Love the thought of winning really cool prizes as well as supporting charity.

We can even run a ticket promotion for you like the one on this page offering 6 tickets for the price of 5, or you might want a Particular Prize Draw to be seasonal or commerative or in support of someone or something associated with your charity or organisation.

e.g: "Bengie the Beagle's Prize Draw"

Your possibilites here are endless, and our marketing team will be delighted to help you achieve maximum exposure.

Interested? Great! All you need do today is contact the person who introduced you to this great opportunity for your charity, cause or organisation.

We look forward to chatting with you soon!

Property Lotto Win A Property in a Lottery style Prize Draw Competition

In this box you will be able to add a short description about what your ticket donations  will be used for [you receive 25p for every ticket sold through this page]. We can also add a url link to your Main Website. Don't worry, we set all of this up for you. You just need to supply us with a short paragraph of no more than 440 characters along with a good quality image which we will place next to your wording to promote you.

Enter the Competition by Post


Send your entry on a postcard to:
Property Lotto, Suite 213, 79 Friar Street, Worcester WR1 2NT

You must include on your entry your name, address, email address (if you have one) and telephone number.

The Prize Draw's Closing Date is based on each batch of 150,000 tickets being completely sold.
The Prize Draw will be broadcast live and recorded. The selling of tickets creates the Prize Draw Fund.

Enter by Post
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