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Receive Prizes for Sharing

Property Lotto is all about giving and sharing.

We thought long and hard about how we can reward you, our loyal customer for telling your friends,
family and contacts all about us and how they can win a £200,000 house anywhere in the UK.


So, before we launched, we put out a Poll and read loads of suggestions.


Here are a few consolidated requests:


1. I need something simple to share your idea to my friends and family.


2. I’d rather receive lots of smaller gifts than a big prize, because that would have to come out of the
bigger prize pot and I want more money to go to charity.


3. I’d love to have my name placed on one of your projects.


4. I must be able to see who I have referred.


5. Can I see the status of my friends to see if they have bought a ticket like me?


6. If there’s an App or something I can have on my phone. You got me in!


OK. So we listened and here’s the simplest Referral system ever.


1. Go to the Google Play Store or Apple App’s on your mobile
[The App is designed to only work on your mobile phone]


2. Search for ShareSomeFriends – created by Upstart Ideas Ltd


3. Download the App


4. Enter the Campaign ID: propertylotto


5. Tap on the friends, family or contacts you wish to refer
[You’re Safe! – the App does not autosend to everyone in your list]


6. Press Next


7. Press Send … That’s it! Share Away!!


A simple and easy way to tell your friends and family about the only UK Lotto where they can win a house
up to the value of £200,000 for just £2 and where the odds are just 150,000 to 1


Do you know the odds of winning the National Lottery Jackpot are 45,057,474 to 1

You are over 300 times more likely to win a house with us …


In saying that we do love the National Lottery as well, because they also do awesome charity work!



Remember you have full access to referral information on your mobile phone.

You can check and verify your active referrals at anytime.

You must pass each number level to activate your Prize.

You will receive the Highest Prize for the level you reach, not all of the individual
Prizes as you go up the ladder.

No prize carries a cash value and so prizes can not be exchanged for a cash.

Where a prize is a physical item Property Lotto will require your UK
validated address and will cover the cost of courier postage.

Prizes will be sent after each successful Prize Draw.

Visit our website or Facebook Page for details on Prize Draw dates.

Number of Active Referrals                        Prize

25                                                                                                   £5 Amazon Gift Voucher

50                                                                                                  £10 Amazon Gift Voucher

75                                                                                                  £15 Amazon Gift Voucher

100                                                                                                £25 Amazon Gift Voucher

150                                                                                                £50 Amazon Gift Voucher

200                                                                               Access to Netflix or Amazon Prime for 3 years

300                                                                                Brand New iPad or Mobile Phone [£500 max]

400                                                                                Brand New Laptop or Television [£1500 max]

500                                                                     2 weeks Holiday [including travel] to a choice of UK destinations

1000                                                         2 weeks Holiday [including flights] to a choice of International destinations

Property Lotto Win A Property in a Lottery style Prize Draw Competition
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