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Giving Back

Charitable giving is at the heart of what we do. Property Lotto donates 50% of net ticket sales profits to Sports Traider a UK based charity.

Property Lotto is committed to support where possible other UK endeavours, supported by YOU, our ticket buying Prize Draw entrant and for this, we Thank You in advance.

In addition to the main £200,000 Prize Draw, the winner of each Prize Draw will be awarded an additional £2,500 donation to offer to a Charity or local Organisation of their choosing. This donation will be transferred direct on behalf of the winner.

The Property Lotto founders support various Charities and Organisations as well as individuals who make our world a better place by helping others who have fallen on hard times or find themselves homeless.

The great causes shown opposite are a small sample of those the Founders [not Property Lotto] have personally donated to over the years, or those where the Founders have been involved in group fundraising events or where they have given their personal time in volunteering and fundraising.

Images on this page do not suggest or infer that causes shown endorse, support or are connected to or with the Founders or Property Lotto
in any way.

Property Lotto Win A Property in a Lottery style Prize Draw Competition

A small sample of UK Charities and Organisations the Founders have personally supported and donated to over recent years.

Personal donations made by the Founders to the above causes does not infer or imply any affiliation, endorsement or reciprocal support towards the Founders or Property Lotto. The above causes are charities or organisations where the Founders have made personal or group financial donations or given their own volunteering time.

Property Lotto gifts 50% of net ticket sales profit to Sports Traider a UK Charity.
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